Basin Collective Business Members are amazing restaurants, breweries and coffee shops that all accept and use Recovery Basins for takeout and to-go food packaging.

Expand your customer base, make a big environmental impact & save money!

DGO Basin Collective

2022 Pilot Program Input

Recovery Basin is leading the design and will operate a full-service reusable packaging program in Durango and La Plata County. We are creating a business and loyal customer network that integrates community co-design, regenerative business systems and collective human participation.

Restaurants and food retailers throughout Colorado and North America will also eligible to join Basin Collective with limited services or use Recovery Basins to operate their own reusables program.

2022 Pilot Interest Form

Here's a quick form to schedule a meeting or receive more information about participating!

Here are some basics

Business Members pay Annual Dues between $100 - $250 based on volume, services received and location.

Businesses may pay a Basin Usage Fee of $.10 for every Basin customers use from your kitchen. Your primary contribution is sanitizing all of the Basins that get exchanged at your Business.

Recovery Basin supplies Members with the Basins needed for your menu free of charge. We maintain your needed par inventory on a regular basis and redistribute Basins you collect but don't use.

Basin Collective's online environment provides a seamless, centralized financial platform for all Business, Local Guest and Visitor transactions.

Basins are exchangeable and interchangeable among all Business Members in Basin Collective.


We are bringing food and beverage retailers together with thousands of customers that share our sense of food adventure, low impact convenience and making a difference.

we handle the money

All Basin Collective Members join and manage their participation through All Basin deposits and refunds are processed here as well.

New Guests & Basin Returns

Customers new to Basin Collective show their recent receipt for paying Basin Deposits to the first business that serves them. Possession of Basins is the trade for new ones with the purchase of a meal.

Basins are refunded only when properly returned to official Recovery Basin Stations - which are not restaurants.


Our goal is optimize the value we generate for local businesses and people in our community. Our vision is to significantly accelerate the sustainable management of our region's natural and agricultural resources.

Healthy Soil, Clean Water, Thriving People

We are a values-driven business obsessed with food service sustainability. Our Collective model is designed to be as simple, value-added and transparent as possible.


Learn about the impacts of your food packaging on our community and environment. Get real-time access to your environmental impact from being a Basin Collective Member.